Live Music on Cates Deck
July 1st - Sept 26th
Thursday - Sunday
6:30pm - 9:30 pm

July 1st - Anotonio Larosa
July 2nd - Nikita Afonso
July 3rd - Scott Jacobs
July 4th - Marc Charron

July 8th - Ivan Hartle 
July 9th - Olin Brix
July 10th - Jacob Dryden 
July 11th - Kyler J. Pierce

July 15th - Tanner Olsen Band 
July 16th - Dino Dinicolo
July 17th - Evan Kennedy 
July 18th - Michael Fabro

July 22nd - Scott Jacobs
July 23rd - Tanner Olsen Band
July 24th - Ev Kinsella Duo
July 25th - Kyler J. Pierce

July 29th- Colin Bullock

July 30th - Antonio Larosa 
July 31st - Jacob Dryden Band
Aug 1st - Patrick Gavigan 

Aug 5th - Patrick Gavigan
Aug 6th - Ivan Hartle 
Aug 7th - Jacob Dryden 
Aug 8th - Evan Kennedy

Aug 12th - Greg Neufeld 
Aug 13th - Marc Charron
Aug 14th - Dave Hartney Trio
Aug 15th - Patrick Gavigan

Aug 19th - Marc Woodyard
Aug 20th - Cat Madden
Aug 21st - Jacob Dryden Band
Aug 22nd - Nikita Alfonso

Aug 26th - Brandon Issak
Aug 27th - Olin Brinx 
Aug 28th - Buckman Co Trio
Aug 29th - Dave Hartney 

Sept 9th - Aaron Ross
Sept 10th - Cancelled
Sept 11th - Scott Jacobs Full Band & Omar Khan 
Sept 12th - Evan Kennedy

Sept 16th - Collin Bullock
Sept 17th - Cancelled 
Sept 18th - Ev Kinsella 
Sept 19th - Evan Kennedy 

Sept 23rd - Greg Neufeld 
Sept 24th - Marc Charron
Sept 25th - Tanner Olsen Band 
Sept 26th - TBD

Thank you for an incredible 2021 Season on Cates Deck!
We are fortunate to have been a part of this community and we look forweard to seeing you next summer!

Thank you Shipyards District for sponsoring us and Musos Entertainment for scheduling incredible talent!